ClubV4 - Sakura Night - 23 FEB 2014 ( 23-02-2014 )

ClubV4 brought to you Sakura Night! You came and experienced this cherry blossom night where the club springs alive with many people celebrated under the roof for a night of prodigious party.

Sakura Night, a season that will never happen in Singapore. One thing that ClubV is inspires to do that they wants to let customer's experience to be beyond the normal routine here in Singapore.


Once you step foot into V4, you'll notice the entire stage has been covered with cherry blossom flowers, our ladies and guys were all dressed in tradition costumes/school girls/rock stars and there were even some geishas!

Everyone just couldn't get their eyes off our girls, it was definitely some fantasy for some of the guys. The whole place was beautiful! It felt like a Japanese club for some reason.


The performance is about a Japanese couple love story that involves school girls, geishas and rock stars. There were even pas de deux on stage that leaves the girl flying in the air.

Here is the magical moment. Audience were all in awe.





Make sure you don't miss the next performance, ClubV aims to bring you great entertainment!


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