ClubV6 JA R-Siam Concert ( 12-03-2014 )

The famous and beautiful JA R-SIAM from Thailand will always leave an impact in all clubs that she had performed. Just take a look at some of her videos in YouTube and you'll know what I mean.


In Singapore its quite a rare sight to have a THAI superstar to performance especially in our local clubs, maybe because the target audience is not in a demand or there is just some language barrier. But after tonight, let me assure you that a THAI artist brings to you one of the best performance in terms of dancing and singing.

The night started with our usual performances by local staff artists and they were dressed to kill! ClubV6 decided to go "ALL OUT" with all of their costumes/staff. The ratio of staff to guest was approximately 1 to 1. All of our patrons filled up all the tables and sofa, there were even a Q outside ClubV6 30 minutes before the concert was expected to start.

When Miss R-Siam walked into ClubV6 surrounded by bodyguards, there were cameras, hand phones pointing to her like guns firing away. Glad there were some fans in the crowd that came specially for this.

She rocked the crowd with awesome singing and dancing. Our thai staffs were all on their toes getting a good view to capture on their devices. JA R-Siam had a few moments that she connected with our staffs and oh boy, the stage was on fire!

One thing about JA R-Siam performance is that her dancers always pack a punch in terms of energy and hype-ness. Their routine were all so powerful with chest pumps and sexy moves.

Next time, do us all a flavor, do not miss a thai artist performance :) 

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