ClubV5 Diva Night - 17 March 2014 ( 17-03-2014 )

Have you ever what is it like to be a DIVA in this entertainment industry? Hours of practicing,dance rehearsals and etc. Let our girls and guys show you what is it like behind the scenes. Both the good sides and ugly sides will be revealed!

Its probably everyone's dream to see everyone dress up for an event. Both the ladies and gentlemen were all dressed like as if they were on a super model runway. There is a saying that goes 'Fashions fade, style is eternal.' by Yves Saint Laurent.

Tables were packed with our regular patrons, everyone seemed to have their favourite staff on stage, every time our "Models" were up on stage, flowers and drinks were selling like hotcakes for them.


The show started with the "Famous" Superstar choreographer dressed in leopard prints top and sweat pants. He was teaching a choreography to his student on stage. Halfway, a young innocent girl wanted to join in, she had no dress sense but able to shake her booty on the dance floor. So he finally decided to take her in and groom her like one of his own.

After makeup, picking up the right dress, accessories and lastly the shoes. Give that girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. The show ended with a magnificent diva-ish performance with all the crew.


Our diva got so famous that night that she ended up with a $500 flower, tons of notes in her belt, 2 drinks of waterfall and a sweetheart patron that folded a paper rose for her!



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